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Bridget for WordPress

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Introducing Bridget – The WordPress Booking Panel Widget from Brightspark Associates


Ugly booking panel? Use Bridget to match your style

Bridget is a highly customisable booking panel that works with most third party booking engines that are currently available to hoteliers and other accommodation providers. Its development sprang from a frustration at the uneven quality and lack of customisation evident in the integration options available from many booking engine suppliers and the inability in many cases for panels that are available to work well in a WordPress environment without significant intervention from expert coders.


No need to make do with the vendor’s default option

Having widgetised our Bridget booking panel to work alongside the Gantry framework running a custom responsive theme for the Walnut Tree Hotel (communicating with the Guestline booking system), we decided to extend its functionality and styling capabilities so it can be easily tailored to work with other booking engines. It is now available on an annual subscription model.