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About Brightspark

Wouldn't it be great if all websites worked really well? At Brightspark, we know that simply isn't how things are. Web designers want to build sites, not maintain them... Your new hire can't change pages without breaking them... That intern that helped with social media left with all the account details... The Adwords campaign doesn't deliver any leads any more and we've no idea where the forms send enquiries... Perhaps Brightspark could help?

Website Audit

We can help you or your Marketing Director or Consultant to understand where your website is letting you down. In plain English...

Supplier Assessment

You've got three different quotes for a new website, but you're not sure which to go for. Or even whether you do actually need a new website!

Digital 360 Workshop

You need a complete strategic re-think about where all this web stuff is going. How do we get it all to line up with Marketing, Sales and Customer Service?

Virtual Web Manager

OK - you've figured it all out. How do you stop things going off track again. Instead of a short-term fix, you need a longer term solution. Just enough at the right time.

What we do

Our focus is to help you get the best from the investment you have already made and to help you invest wisely as your needs grow and technology changes. Sometimes we find that it is cheaper to completely replace a site than to work with an outdated or unsupported theme or platform. In such cases we can help by presenting a sensible, informed view of the best, and generally most economical option with an eye to the future.


Brightspark has developed a comprehensive online audit structure specifically to identify and highlight problems in website platform, hosting, coding, structure, content and processes and many more issues that need to be fixed and managed in order to put control back in the right hands.


The audit helps by feeding back independent, authoritative and accurate information to Directors and their clients in an unbiased and action-orientated manner, in plain English, leading to rapid positive impact. The report can be used as a standalone or Brightspark can be engaged to help implement the findings.


Depending on the report outcome, the business owner or Director may optionally wish us to meet and present the report findings and carry out an in depth workshop to determine how they should be actioned either internally, through third parties, or by Brightspark.


The report findings can be prioritised into a work plan with the help of our Digital 360 Framework. The work plan can then be carried out by whoever the business owner or Director chooses. The work plan will score work elements in terms of likely impact and identify dependencies.


The agreed work plan can be actioned by a Brightspark Virtual Web Manager for our team. The timing and delivery of the work is agreed before plan execution starts and the business owner or Director remains in control of time input at all stages, reducing risk.


Once your site is back up to speed it is important to ensure regular management disciplines are in place and our Brightspark Virtual Web Managers are available by agreement to help set and keep in place appropriate levels of support to ensure the continued health of your web investments.


Brightspark has Virtual Web Managers it can make available for as much or as little time requirement as you need. This is a much more cost effective way of operating and means you can be confident of consistent long-term improvement in website performance.

Your Web Manager typically operates from a remote location but is managed directly by a Brightspark Director to ensure quality of service is maintained. Billing is monthly and comes with a timesheet and progress report so there are no unwelcome surprises.

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Meet The Team

These are the people responsible for bringing you Brightspark's specialist consultancy and website rescue services.

Are You Mobile-Friendly?

Google considers ``mobile-friendliness`` to be a key ranking signal. How does your website stack up?


Responsive layouts are an absolute must now that handheld accounts for over 50% of website visitors globally.


Websites need to slim down to support mobile browsing with compressed code and minified scripts. How light is your site?


Navigation elements need to scale appropriately so that they are not too close to use accurately. If you just see a small version of your site things are unlikely to work!


Does your website use Flash or other graphic elements that are not supported on mobile platforms?

What Our Clients Say

We have worked with many clients of all shapes and sizes as consultants, developers and web managers. Here's what what some of them have to say...


Let’s face it, web designers love to design and build new websites. They will compete hard and price keenly in order to get the ‘project’ but that’s precisely what it then becomes. Sure, most will make a few tweaks, changes and updates for a year or so after the site goes live, but they aren’t really set up to maintain your site and their attention quickly switches to the latest client and another project for the portfolio. Meanwhile your investment isn’t earning its keep. Modern websites need to cover a lot of bases to work successfully. They need to be far more flexible, offering fresh content, landing pages, managed analytics and integration with social media. Online marketing is increasingly about orchestrating the tools and content you have at your disposal to create lasting relationships that your customers value. Otherwise your competition is just a click away. But you’d need a huge team to cover all the angles, right? Not necessarily... that’s where Brightspark comes in.

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