For Consultants

BSpark typically works closely with intermediaries such as Business Consultants, Marketing Specialists and other Advisors. Can we help you?

Consultants and Advisors

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BSpark often works closely with Marketing Consultants and other Intermediaries to support them in providing the best advice to their clients in the role of independent trusted advisor.

We recognise after a good deal of experience carrying out assessment work that many Marketing Consultants are not technical web experts – nor can they be expected to be – and consequently we are happy to provide an independent view of the operation and performance of a client website. Indeed, many of the intermediaries we work with have benefited greatly from our work and continue to uses to help enhance their credibility and authority with new clients.

Generally this benefit is achieved by carrying out a bespoke “warts and all” analysis of the state of the current site, its hosting environment, performance and codebase – written in plain English and aimed primarily for the use of the Consultant. It is then a matter of judgment how much or how little of the analysis is shared directly with the client. In our experience, Consultants benefit from an unexpurgated view whereas clients can become defensive in the face of what may be interpreted as implied criticism of either the client or a developer/supplier with whom they may have a continuing cordial relationship (or in some cases a familial relationship!).

Experienced Consultants will, by their very nature, typically possess the sensitivity and interpersonal skills to use the information provided to the client’s best advantage.

What we provide

BSpark offers a full operational analysis and assessment of your client’s website giving an independent view including such elements as:

The assessment is normally charged at £225 inclusive of VAT. Where any necessary remedial work is to be carried out by BSpark this fee is generally waived.