• Basic Support for WordPress

    Make sure your website investment is protected and can be recovered in the event of a hack.

    Website Support by Subscription

    Our entry level of support for WordPress websites offers you the peace of mind to know that there is 24x7x365 proactive monitoring of your website and a professional presence ready to respond rapidly to any alerts should any issues occur.

    What's included?

    BSpark's Basic WordPress Support package includes probably all you will ever need if you have an existing WordPress website that does not require day-to-day development work.

    • Managed Wordpress core updates

    • Plug-in updates (excludes payments for premium upgrades)

    • Daily back-up / site restoration

    • Monthly security and performance scans

    • Uptime monitoring

    • Plugin conflict resolution

    Initial Assessment and Updating

    We will need to carry out an initial assessment before accepting your WordPress website for the Basic Support programme. Normally, a reasonable amount of update/fixing work is expected and carried out with no additional charge. If, however, the work required exceeds what we would normally expect, we may suggest you opt for the WP Rescue package (priced accordingly) in the first instance.

    Pricing from £49.99 per month payable by direct debit.

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