• WordPress Rescue

    WordPress website hacked? We can help restore it and keep it protected.

    First Aid for Hacked WordPress Sites

    Modern Wordpress and CMS-driven websites require continuous vigilance if they are not to fall prey to the increasingly sophisticated methods of hackers and cybercriminals. Maintenance and monitoring needs to be put in place so that potential vulnerabilities can be mitigated. It is impossible to keep sites totally secure, but it is wise not to put your business at an obvious risk.

    Comprehensive Rescue Services

    Compromised WordPress websites can be restored at no charge (provided either a Basic or Web Manager support plan subscription is purchased) potentially saving hundreds of pounds:

    • Back up and damage assessment

    • Liaison with site owner's hosting company

    • Code scanning and cleaning

    • Database scanning and table cleaning

    • Site restoration and testing

    • Security hardening and 24/7 automated monitoring

    Let's get started!

    A hacked WordPress site can be a distressing experience but with BSpark behind you you need not face the issue alone. In our experience it is better to tackle these obstacles head on and resolve to fix the problem quickly. Recovery starts here!

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