• Site Booster

    Book a major revamp or extend the scope and functionality of your WordPress website.

    Take Your WordPress Website to the Next Level

    All In One sites can be extended or developed further with the cost rolled up into a revised regular subscription payment.

    Benefit from extending your subscription term

    You can easily start off with a limited scale development and as your business expands and cash flow allows, you can add new pages and functionality to your site to produce an even better visitor experience. We'll simply add up the new cost and the outstanding balance of your initial site work and start a new subscription level over a full term (normally 24 months).

    Choose when to develop

    Most sites are ready for a significant refresh or upgrade typically on a two-year cycle as trends change and businesses enter new markets or geographies. With BSpark, you have complete flexibility over when you want to start this process and all it generally costs is a modest increment to your monthly subscription rather than an unwelcome bite from your capital.

    Features of the Plan

    • Get a major website upgrade when your business needs it

    • Increase site functionality

    • Add a new line of business

    • Extend your e-commerce capabilities

    • Showcase and promote new business features

    • Rebrand or tweak your business model

    • Add video, social media features, live chat, CRM...

    Pricing from £49.99 per month payable by direct debit.

    To start your upgrade simply fill out and send the form below and we'll get back to you to discuss your proposals and give you an estimate of your new subscription level.   Privacy

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