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    What’s all this fuss about Inbound Marketing?

    The growth of the internet has led to a fundamental shift in the way that customers find, compare and purchase the goods and services that they need.

    Simply put, the power has shifted inexorably from suppliers to buyers, rendering old school business models obsolete. The ability to build an effective, well-structured response to this emerging threat will determine how well a business competes against similar rival offers – all of which are available to the potential customer by virtue of a simple online search query.

    The Inbound approach does away with a frontline response that relies on knowledgeable but expensive salespeople. Instead, it calls for a co-ordinated process using online tools to measure, analyse and understand customer response. The knowledge gleaned is then used to develop and refine relevant content that feeds into integrated campaigns, driving qualified lead generation. Advisors then nurture relationships that help customers to buy, ultimately converting them into loyal recruiters of new customers in the longer term… and it all starts with a great website!

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